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The Quirky Cup Collective



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Dive into a world of noodle magic with our Ramen Enamel Pin! 🍜

It doesn't get better than an adorable bowl filled with slurp-worthy noodles, swimming in a sea of savory broth, topped with a garden of whimsical fixings! Crafted with love and a sprinkle of ramen-rific charm, this pin is your passport to a mini ramen adventure, right on your lapel!

With its glossy enamel finish, each vibrant hue practically dances in the light, making your pin pop like a flavor-packed ramen broth! The sturdy pin-backing means it's ready to strut its stuff on your backpack, jacket, or anywhere else that needs a pinch of noodle flair.

Whether you're a ramen devotee or simply want to add some culinary cuteness to your ensemble, our Ramen Enamel Pin is here to serve up smiles, one slurp at a time. Wear it like a badge of honor and let your love for ramen shine through🍥


- Original Design by The Quirky Cup Collective
- 5.5cm (2.16 inches)
- Gold Plated
- Material: Zinc Alloy + Iron
- Double pin rubber backing
- Created and drawn with love!

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